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LashLift Pro Canada Workshop

1 Day Hands-on Lash Lift Training Course

1 Day Hands-on Keratin Lash Lift Training Course


$600 + GST



  • One Day Hands-on Lash Lift Workshop                                           
  • All workshop materials included
  • 10-5:00pm (must bring 2 models)
  • Exclusive Business Starter Keratin Lash Lift Kit (valued over $330)
  • 10% Off Voucher your first purchase at
  • Framed Accredited Certification of Completion
  • LashLift Pro Canada Detailed Instructional Guide & Manual

Only 4 students per class. *If you or your salon would like to host a lash lift training minimum 4-8 students (Sunday’s 11-5pm) please email us.

4 Module Program

  • Module 1 The Theory – Lash Anatomy, Inside the Cortex (The polypeptide bonds), The Science Of Chemical Texturizing Products
  • Module 2 Health & Safety – Workplace Safety & Sanitation, Client Consultation, Client Profile, Protecting the eye, Contra-Indications
  • Module 3 Product Knowledge & Instructions – Supplies Checklist, Step By Step Application Guide (Full Detail), Client FAQ’s
  • Module 4 Troubleshooting – Client FAQ’s, Trouble Shooting Summary, Retail and Aftercare

*When registering for your workshop please make sure that its the correct date. An email will then be sent to you within 72 hours.



Eyelash Extension Private Training

2 Days Hands-on Fundamental Eyelash Extension Training Course

 Presented by LBP Beauty Distribution Inc.

*When registering for your private course please please specify which days you would like.


2 Days Hands-on Beautier Canada Expert Series

Fundamental Eyelash Extension Training Course                                      


$1900 + GST



  • At-home Pre-class Lash Theory Study Guide (to be emailed)
  • Two Day Hands-on Lash Extension WorkShop
  • All workshop materials included
  • Day 1 10-5:30pm (1:30pm must bring model)
  • Day 2 10-5:30pm (1:30pm must bring model)
  • Exclusive Student Lash Kit (valued over $400)
  • 10% Off Voucher your first purchase at
  • Attendance Certificate
  • 2 Hour Hands-on Troubleshoots Exam (to be scheduled within 1 year) to receive your certificate of completion.

*Certification of Completion (Once finished 10 Before and After Case Studies)

5 Module Program

  • Module 1 The Theory – To the natural lashes, the eye and the extensions
  • Module 2 Health & Safety – Contra-Indications, Consultation, Allergies
  • Module 3 The Tools -Pick-up and Isolation, Handling tweezers, implements, eye patches, tapes and more
  • Module 4 The Techniques -Design for your clients eye shape and wants, Step by Step application
  • Module 5 Touch-ups and Removals – Step by Step and how to remove


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