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Lash Beautique Pro – The Winners of the NALA


(National Association of Lash Artists)




The Science Of Lash Lifting – Advance Class


NEW! 1 Day Hands-on The Science Of Lash Lifting Workshop $600 + GST

Featuring 3D Keratin Lash Lift products from 3D Beauty International Inc. USA. The most comprehensive lash lift workshop in Canada. We have the largest selection of lash lift accessories available. LBP Beauty Distribution Inc. is currently the ONLY Exclusive Distributors in Canada and Canadian Master Trainers. Please ask your business insurance provider if this service is covered.


  • Hands-on Class 10-5pm – student must bring own practice models
  • Mini Practice Kit (in class practicum)
  • “Ready For Business” Kit (Exclusive to the Class Only – valued at $300+)
  • Support documents (copies only) including MSDS sheets, Client Profile and Model Release Forms
  • Lashlift Pro Canada Certificate
  • 1 Hour Troubleshooting Session via Skype or FaceTime (optional)
  • 10% Off your first purchase of $100 or more online (promocode)
  • On going email support / join Facebook group email us at

4 Module Program

  • Module 1 The Theory – Lash Anatomy, Inside the Cortex (The polypeptide bonds), The Science Of Chemical Texturizing Products
  • Module 2 Health & Safety – Workplace Safety & Sanitation, Client Consultation, Client Profile, Protecting the eye, Contra-Indications
  • Module 3 Product Knowledge & Instructions – Supplies Checklist, Step By Step Application Guide (Full Detail)
  • Module 4 Troubleshooting – Client FAQ’s, Trouble Shooting Summary, Retail and Aftercare

Only 3 students per class in Downtown, Vancouver to get the utmost attention from your trainer(s). *If you or your salon would like to host a lash lift training minimum 4-8 students please email us.*When registering for your workshop please make sure that its the correct date. An email will then be sent to you within 72 hours.




Eyelash Extension Private Training


2 Days Hands-on Classic Fundamental – Eyelash Extension Training Course


Beautier Canada Expert Series (Private Only)

Classic Fundamentals – Eyelash Extension Training Course                                       $1900 + GST



  • At-home Pre-class Lash Theory Study Guide (to be emailed)
  • Two Day Hands-on Lash Extension WorkShop
  • All workshop materials included
  • Day 1 10-5:30pm (1:30pm must bring model)
  • Day 2 10-5:30pm (1:30pm must bring model)
  • Exclusive Student Lash Kit (valued over $400)
  • 10% Off Voucher your first purchase at
  • Attendance Certificate
  • 2 Hour Hands-on Troubleshoots Exam (to be scheduled within 1 year) to receive your certificate of completion.

*Certification of Completion (Once finished 10 Before and After Case Studies)

5 Module Program

  • Module 1 The Theory – To the natural lashes, the eye and the extensions
  • Module 2 Health & Safety – Contra-Indications, Consultation, Allergies
  • Module 3 The Tools -Pick-up and Isolation, Handling tweezers, implements, eye patches, tapes and more
  • Module 4 The Techniques -Design for your clients eye shape and wants, Step by Step application
  • Module 5 Touch-ups and Removals – Step by Step and how to remove

Presented by LBP Beauty Distribution Inc. *When registering for your private course please please specify which days you would like.


NEW! Beautier Canada Expert Series – Group (Coming Soon)

Classic Fundamentals – Eyelash Extension Training Course                                       $ TBC



NEW! Beautier Canada Expert Series – Group (Coming Soon)

2 Day Volume Fundamentals – Volume Eyelash Extension Training Course                $ TBC

Special Guest Trainers coming to Vancouver….. stay tuned!



NEW! Beautier Canada Expert Series – Group (Coming Soon)

2 Day Advanced Russian / Mega  (Interval, Mega, Perfect Line, Mapping) Techniques

Volume Eyelash Extension Training Course                                                         $ TBC

Special Guest Trainers coming to Vancouver…. stay tuned!




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