NEW! 2020 KERALIFT Complete Kit

$199.00 $138.00

Kit includes:
STEP #1: Keralift LIFT Solution #1 Sachets (10 pieces)
STEP #2: Keralift LOCK Solution #2 Sachets (10 pieces)
STEP #3: 3D Hydrating Essence 10ml bottle
STEP #4: 3D Keratin Lash Conditioner 8ml
Keraplex REPAIR Treatment #3 Sachets (10 pieces)
3D Lash Lift Glue 7ml
Mixed Set of Coloured Rods – SM, MED, LRG 3 pairs
Mixed Set of Petal Silicone Shields – SM, MED, LRG 3 pairs
Bio-gel Pads – 5 cards (10 pieces)
Plastic Lash Lifting Picks (5 pieces)
Y-Combs (5 pieces)
Total Value: $199.00 (Save $61.00)

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PLEASE NOTE: FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. You must be certified in chemical texturizing services as an aesthetician and/or eyelash technician and have thoroughly read all the manufacturers instructions before performing this service. Please have your insurance provider approve these professional only products and/or services prior to offering this in your salon.

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Weight 112 g
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 3.5 cm


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